Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Geting ready for the new growing season - Potato days

Whilst the snow has stopped play (well the digging of the allotment in particular) I have been using the time to make plans for the growing season.

 I had earlier in the month purchased some first early seed potatoes. Unfortunately in my haste to purchase the most delicious and productive variety I forgot to mark down which variety I chose in the end. All I know is that they were described as being tasty and a good cropper- what more does a girl need to know!

 I have put them out to chit being  very mindful of the very cold weather - they will be kept in our utility room which proffers lots of light, coolness and frost protection! For those of you new to chitting, the potatoes are placed so that the little mark where the stem was previously is placed facing downwards (i.e. underneath the seed potato ) and the eyes ( the little sprouty bits) upwards.

I tend to use egg boxes  to place the potatoes in and  learning from past experience write the variety  in pen on the egg box so that when I move them around I know which ones are which!
 I haven't bought my second earlies yet - I will go for Charlottes- they always go down well at home. In the past I have grown a number of varieties . In fact I have grown too many potatoes and not left enough room for other crops. So this year I think that will be it - in the hope that I will grow some more exciting things instead.

The Hampshire potato day is being held this weekend in Whitchurch and is well worth going to if you like growing your own. There are lots and lots of varieties of potatoes ( they didn't have Charlottes tho' the other year :( ) and you can buy them singly if you wanted! Beans and peas and shallots are all available loose. Seed suppliers also attend for example Thomas Etty who supply their seeds in little brown packets with a vintage style print and picture.  All items are  offered at a good price!

 If you are not in this neck of the woods, there are other potato days around too. You may be able to find a day near you here

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