Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tynemouth Longsands

We had a fabulous couple of days up in the North East visiting family. Well it was really only a day and a bit, once we took travelling time into consideration. We all love visiting there so much- spending time with family and there is always plenty to do and lots of places to visit.
We invariably make a visit to Longsands which is just down from Tynemouth and this weekend was no exception. The beach is wide and has the most beautiful sand you could imagine! There were lots of families out as well as dog owners walking their furry friends. Its so heartening to see people out taking advantage of the dry weather and getting fresh air and exercise!
Isn't this just such a lovely view- from the top of the cliff before the descent down to the beach1
I love this sign so polite but self explanatory- It wasn't quite sun bathing weather so we didn't need to take the sunscreens this time!

This is our favourite cafe which is right down on the beach . It has seating both inside and out and serves no  nonsense food- from panini s - e.g. tuna melt with jalapenos_( yummy) to cheesy chips- all at a very good price and decent portions. The rule in our family is that we have to do the walk first. So after a quick look at the menu we headed out onto the beach

Lots of families and dogs all playing and enjoying the fresh air! Even my young people reverted to the child within and chased about with seaweed!

The views were lovely if a little dark and wintry

and once you start you can find lots of things to photo!

At last we claimed a table and even sat outside the cafe and enjoyed the view

Lots of hungry eaters and their coffees! and of course the cheesey chips!
On the way home the signs on the arches in Gateshead made us smile  as we have been watching episodes of Vicar of Dibley  this Christmas.! Good family viewing everyone was happy to watch ( and  that can be difficult ) for both those new to the programme and those that had seen it before!

Christmas and our trip up North have been  a lovely bonding time! and now sadly back to work, college , Uni and on with all that 2013 has to bring us!

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