Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thinking and reminiscing about chickens part two

Having had one lot of chickens , I couldn't resist - the chicken bug had taken over!
The second set we went for were pure breeds- a Light Sussex, a Cuckoo Maran and a Rhode Island Red.      

Magnum and Edwina Mai

 These came from the same breeder and all got on very well.

Magnum , the White sussex was quite placid and not very bright.
 The Cuckoo Maran, we called Stardust, used to bustle about quite like Queen Victoria in her dark skirts and was often prone to getting broody. We likened it to her having the vapours! She was also very much the boss. The Rhode island Red - Edwina Mai was our definite favourite- keeping out of everyones way and the most amenable to being picked up and had a fondness for sultanas and currants. They all loved playing tomato rugby and we were entertained for hours watching their antics as they chased each other for the cherry tomato. grabbing it at an opportune moment and then running with others following, waiting to tackle!

whats going on out there?

 We lost Edwina Mai suddenly. We had a rethink -the pure breeds were large- probably a bit to big for the Eglu and run and they were making a big mess of the garden. They were great diggers- not sure where they were hoping to go! and so it was decided the last two would go to make friends with other chickens nearby.

 In fact one of our chickens became very chummy with  one of the chickens in the new place called Cookie who had been bullied by her contemporaries. The two became inseparable and it meant that Cookie and her new friend were reintegrated into the group again! I'm so glad that one of my chickens helped Cookie rehabilitate into the group!

ohhh how I miss them bustling about calling in the morning, and  charging up and down the run when they saw movement in the kitchen!  I must try and remember the mess they make- but it is soooo good for the allotment dont you know!!!! and the eggs  the yellowest of yolks and all so fresh  !!!!!!

No we really are very camera shy today!

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