Monday, January 28, 2013

Market bargains!

At the end of  the day on Friday last week I happened to be passing thought the market in my local town and spied some fantastic fruit and vegetable bargains:
This salad box was going for a fiver:

Not sure what I will make with the aubergines - possibly a pasta dish or may be a dip?

These seville oranges _ were £2 for a bowl -on weighing when I got home- there was over 4kg- that equates to £4 for just over 4kg- guess what I'm making this week? Oh and I can use the lemons from the salad box too!

These raspberries were four punnets for £5- as they were the last of the day! We have eaten one lot with meringues and cream for pudding and the rest I have made into jam- more about in my next post!

and last but not least these satsumas ( still with their leaves attached!) were only a pound!

As the saying goes these are only a bargain if they are eaten or used ! I think I will be glued to the internet looking for new recipes this week!

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