Sunday, March 4, 2012

ABC Blog award

The lovely Janie from Hedgecombers has nominated me for the ABC ‘Awesome Blog Content’ award!  I have been so excited that some one enjoyed my blog enough to nominate me!  Go check out Janie's blog at   
One of the criteria is that I must share something of myself using the letters of the alphabet.... so here goes:

A is for my lovely Allotment
B is for Blogging
C is for my childhood holidays in Cumbria
D I am reading a book called December where the young girl stops speaking.
E I have a large extended family of sisters, sister and brother in laws
F I love our family holidays in France
G My husband is a Geordie
H I am  dreadful hoarder trying to control my hoarding habits
I I hate how my Ipad manages to loose things even tho I have saved them
J I am addicted to making jams and chutneys
K I was brought up in Kent
L I love my family of four children and my hubby
M I made 24 jars of seville marmalade in January  and will be making other varieties during the year
N I love our family trips to Northumberland
O I dislike orange juice but like eating satsumas
P I have two chickens and a cat as pets
Q I am enjoying my new quality time with my family
R I love reading historical novels
S I have two sewing machines - an electric singer and a vintage hand machine
T I loved the TV series Call the midwife
I 'm not sure I will ever totally understand teenagers but I love them all the same
V My parents had VW beetles when we were growing up
W I would love a craft room of my own
I spent last Tuesday morning in the Xray dept waiting for my son to have his X-ray
Y I love yellow roses and daffodils they remind me of spring
Z I love my bed  and sleep ZZZZZZZZZZ

The second is to nominate other bloggers for the ward- as many as you wish. Therefore 
 I would like to nominate the following blogs for the award too :
The Linen Cat
Christians Blog
Our new life in the country
Our 21st century guide of the good life
Real Men Sow
Thinking of the days
Thank you Janie- It was certainly thought provoking  and I loved being nominated! 


Janie said...

Yay! Love it!
It was great reading your list, I have an old hand crank Singer and an electric Singer too!
Thanks for playing along
Janie :)

Mrs H said...

Thank you Janie You made my day!

Beth said...

Thanks so much for passing this along to me, loved reading your list (I have a vintage hand singer as well). I am notoriously bad at passing blog awards along but I'll do my best to make sure you and the award are mentioned over at The Linen Cat asap. Bethxx

Mrs H said...

Thank you Beth. There is something lovely about the vintage hand singer sewing machines! I had one when I was a teenager and I love the one I have now!

sue15cat said...

Thanks for passing this award on to me. I'll do it as soon as we've moved in and I can think straight.

I love your ABC, especially your Z, I may just have to pinch that one for my list!!

Sue xx

Mrs H said...

Thank you Sue have been watching the decorating and have enjoyed the transformation. Wish you all the best in your new home. Nikki

Martin and Amy said...

Thankyou very, very much Mrs.H.

It's alway delightful to win an award from a fellow blogger.

I'm so pleased to hear you enjoy our blog. I will do my ABC as soon as I can.

Martin :0)