Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday at the car boot sale!

In a rash moment after Mr H had been on one of his tirades about the state of the garage I agreed to do a car boot sale. For those of you who haven't been to one- they can be a source of fantastically great bargains but they also can be - as one person I overheard yesterday say- full of the biggest of a load of old  junk he had ever seen!
I decided to Car boot - not sure if it can be a verb or not- on Sunday as the weather looked promising. ( It's not a good idea to do one on a wet cold morning). I had however forgotten that the clocks would go forward. So not only did I have an early start to contend with but it had to be an hour earlier  too!.
I choose  one that was half an hour or so away from us. Funnily no one was particularly keen on helping me at such an early hour. Teenagers love their beds - not at night time I find- but mainly in the mornings. So no luck there and Mr H absolutely detests car boot sales and will diligently help sort and load the car but that's as far as it goes.
I headed off with my car load and was directed to my pitch after paying my pitch fee. My neighbouring pitcher's were all very pleasant and we waved and nodded and I set to unloading. This is by far the worst part. Suddenly people come from nowhere, peering into the deep cavity of the car  hoping to get a glimpse of a bargain. Some are just plain nosey. One lady stood and watched me unload everything bit by bit. I wonder whether she thought I would magically produce a long lost Rembrandt?
It was a bit of a slow day and  it was obvious people have been definitely affected by the recession and it made me wonder how some families survive. I didn't do as well financially as other times but I can't complain. The money I did make will go towards a trip to London.
It was lovely to be out in the fresh air with the sun on my back. There are worst ways to spend a morning ( not according to Mr H!).

After lunch in the garden- I sat in the garden sewing- using my trusty and eco hand machine - Esmerelda!

I didn't need electricity, I didn't disturb the sounds of a lovely summer type day and I got to be productive- fabulous! Later a glass of wine was enjoyed listening to the birds and warming myself in the sun- what better way to finish such a busy day!


Beth said...

Lovely machine, I have one very similar, but I tend to only use it when my electric one isn't working these days, nice idea to take it out in the garden though! Bethx

Mrs H said...

I have both machines out at the moment. I tend to use the hand machine when everyone is around at home- as my other machine is quite noisy. I quite like using it as I feel i'm being eco , there is not a lot to go wrong with it and i feel a link with the past - thinking of all those years of past use! who used it and what did they make? If only the machine could talk!