Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hat stand

With two girls in the house, we have a number of hats always lying around. It drives me crackers, so in a moment of enlightenment I turned our stick display in the hall into a funky hat stand. It looks like we are growing hats there now but at least the hats have somewhere to live! What do other people do with their hats ? Do people still have hat stands? Do the likes of modern Swedish stores produce hat stands? I'm not sure that I would buy one tho' as I like our quirky version! What do you do with your hats?


lindafw said...

Certain modern Swedish stores do indeed sell funky hat stands and coat hooks ...but mine are in boxes in the wardrobe :( Your display looks great

Mrs H said...

Thank you - I think it was necessity that created my hat plant! Teenagers have a lot of stuff and seem to spread it everywhere ! We haven no room in our wardrobes for hats! Some of my offspring prefer the floor to their wardrobe - probably the cupboard is already overflowing!!!