Friday, March 16, 2012

I've been away and now I'm back!

And we are at Friday again! March has been extremely busy so and this week has been no exception. Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to do the hours I was working last year - and then I remember - not very well and not happily either.
This week started with a plaster cast that needed repairing so another visit to the hospital but at least we only had to visit the plaster room this time.
Then elder daughter and I headed up to Lancaster for an open day and interview at the University. It takes four and a half hours for us to travel not including stops, so we headed up the day before and stayed in a Premier Inn. It was a pretty good experience much better than my previous stay in one of these hotels. The open day took up most of Wednesday and Thursday was spent coming home and then food shopping. So you can see how the time flies. Lancaster is a lovely city ( I think it is technically a city but it is more like a large market town) with lovely light cloured stone buildings. It's so close to countryside, the Lake District and the seaside at Morecambe. So a good variety of  landscapes to be had. I just wished we had more time to explore. I'm attaching a link to the tourist information site here if you are interested to know more about the city- lancaster-city information
So it's back home and time to catch up on all those pressing chores!

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