Friday, March 2, 2012

A busy week!

Its been a rather busy week with hospital appointments for people on crutches and a university visit to Lancaster for my student . The hospital visit went well just took forever  to tell us not a lot - 4 hours to be precise- never mind. This was followed by a trip to Lancaster to look at the uni with my elder daughter who is not enjoying her time at her current uni. Glad to say all went well  but I am feeling  rather jet lagged. Anyway off tomorrow to visit a sister in Kent for a special birthday. I have been busy putting together some items that may be useful when you get to a certain age eg talc, lavender bags, soap. chillblain stuff, rain hat, walking stick, certain brands  antiseptic creams, wethers original, very strong reading glasses, a Mills and Boon book, The People magazine etc etc. I know that each of these  items on their own are quite useful  in fact I have some of the above ( and I am NOT old despite what my children say) but together they work well as gifts to help in the next few years- I think she will enjoy the humour or at least I hope so!
 I have been busy making a bag to put all the bits in and thought I would post the pictures. I hope she isn't reading this..........

I am pretty pleased with the results. I had to make it using Esmeralda as singer Suzy needs to be serviced or at least needs a check up . Anyway more about Esmerelda another day !

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Beth said...

I laughed my head off at your list of gifts for 'older' folk, going to copy that idea for my own sister, she'll find it very funny. Lovely bag. I hope things slow down for you a bit, it all sounds very busy. Bethx