Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allotment update

I have had a lovely day down at the allotment dodging the odd shower. I'm not sure why I spent so much time washing and drying my hair this morning as the showers have definitely had an adverse effect on my hair. The helmet didn't help. I cycled down to the allotment- going is okay as it seems to be on a gentle slope downwards,  consequently the return trip is a little harder . My hair now is flat and very wayward and another wash and dry is necessary.

I've been trimming - the lavender bushes and my so called willow arch- its less of an arch and more of  unruly wayward triffid. Not forgetting the autumn raspberries- which I cut back down to the ground. I did leave some however as I read on  My Tiny Plot blog that an earlier crop may be had by doing so. I shall test this out this summer. It would be good to have a longer cropping period.

I have two raised beds in which I grew carrots last year. They desperately needed digging out as they were rapidly filling up with couch grass and docks.  I managed to clear them- I couldn't believe how many couch grass roots I found. My strawberries were a bit of a disaster last year - as I just shoved them in anywhere- the raised beds seemed an ideal place for them and they are all snug now in their new beds.
 Then mid morning I had a lovely surprise, just when I was beginning to flag, tea and cake was delivered-
Thank you younger daughter for organising! I really appreciated both!

Recently I acquired a couple of suitcases. Mr H took one look at them and declared that they were not to enter the house under any circumstances! So any plans on renovating them were rapidly put on hold. I have to say on second inspection perhaps they weren't  in the best condition. I put my thinking hat on ( as I hate waste ) and came up with the idea that the bases would make ideal raised beds for my carrots and that's what their new role will be. The lids ?- I may use these for salad leaves but any suggestions would be  greatly welcomed.

I can't believe how much I achieved today. A good day- wishing you all a happy mothers day!


Martin and Amy said...

Looks like you've been very busy!

Well done to you! The weather is picking up now and with the clocks going back at the weekend you'll be up there all the time!

Have a good day!


Mrs H said...

Sounds good to me- I must sort out my seeds- but need to get some carrots and lettuces sown! Happy allotmenting! and lets be thankful for the lovely weather!