Saturday, March 31, 2012

I got there at last!

I finally managed to get down to the allotment on Friday morning for a couple of hours, which is really for not that long considering there is soooo much to do down there. I have to be thankful for the time I had. I spent most of the time digging over what was the parsnip and beetroot area and some of the cabbage area . It was lovely basking in the sun in between digging . I found a whole load of parsnips that we had missed over the winter:

I think we will be eating a lot of parsnip soup! I may even be able to prepare some of the less woody ones, blanch them and then freeze them. I will have to make sure I get down to the lottie over the weekend to try and catch up with my jobs.
On another note younger daughter had a baking session yesterday. She loves making cakes, and tries to make them for her friends birthdays. She made this one for her friend Hollie, who loves Hello Kitty. Isn't the cake fabulous! She really is a very clever girl, I  just don't think she realises quite how clever she is!!

I can't quite keep up with the weather changes- I have only just got accustomed to the warmer weather and now Its cooling again with snow forecast ( in the north at least) next weekend. I know many garden centres will be wanting the warmer weather as I believe it can be one of their busiest weekends in the year. I definitely prefer the warmer weather - so please come back!

Anyway I will try and post this week - the youngsters are off this week but no major plans have been made so have a good weekend and see you next week!


Beth said...

Good for you getting down to the allotment and doing some digging. I am trying to get our veg patch in order whilst the weather allows, like you the whole sun to snow thing is very confusing! I hope the blossom holds or we wont get much fruit this year.

Your daughter's cake is fabulous!

Beth (the linen cat - and wow! I'm very behind with my reading, I have 8 of your posts to read) x

Janie said...

Eek! I am a crazy Hello Kitty fan, I would weep (happy weeping mind you!) if I got that cake for my birthday - her friend must have been so chuffed!

Mrs H said...

Hi Beth Thank you for your comment. I will be so disappointed if we don't get much fruit this year as i planted some extra apple, plum and apricot mini trees last year- so fingers crossed!

Mrs H said...

Hi Janie
Thank you - my daughter was delighted that you liked it so much- your comment brightened her day . Thank you!